corner classics

48hr fries
secret sauce & housemade ketchup 6 v,gf

bacon wrapped dates
blue cheese stuffed 9 gf

cured meats and cheeses/ balsamic mushrooms/
cornichons/ mustard/ grilled french roll 13

crispy short rib tacos
aged white cheddar/ pepperoncini/ salsa 11 gf

mashed potato tacos
aged white cheddar/ sriracha/ onion/ cilantro 9 v,gf

tuna tar tar tostadas
avocado/ grilled jalapeño/ citrus/ prawn remoulade 12 gf

gnocchi “mac n cheese”
tomato confit/ basil/ garlic chips 12 v

proscuitto “croque madame”
melted cheese/ mornay/ baked egg/ open faced on sourdough/ side of hot sauce 13

calamari steak piccata
bacon/ confit tomato/ fried bread 16 e

7oz hand formed burger
white cheddar and bacon stuffed jalapeños/ grilled onion/ tomato/ salsa mayo 12 e

8961 adams ave huntington beach, california 92646 714-968-6800